Monday, June 20, 2016

Elise - Straight Assembler, Moonwalker

Not your average girl.
One reason my post probably stands out... you already know.

I'll probably save your time and give you some of me in a computer-like format...

Name: Elise
Hobbies: Assembling model kits and Moonwalking; aka obsession with Michael Jackson

Currently hooked onto manga and anime music.

VainGlory player, you can find me @Luminousx7

LoL player, you can find me @Recon777. I won't play this often.

Basically your music lover and typical MOBA gamer that has an equal number of wins and losses most of the time. Most likely more wins. Yeah.

Also a writer...

Don't ask further.

Hey itz Chloe :D

Heyyo! Welcome to the one and only, wait for it ----> wait for it ----> This particular squadddd!!! As long as you read this blog and like it, you are part of the fam! Here we post random fun things and cool stuffs! Okay, let me tell you more about me! I am Chloe Tan from Singapore. I'm 13 and I love to sing and dance. I also like crafting :D. We will update soon on our blog and we hope that you will like us!

The one and only Chloe :D
Stay Fun, Stay Happy, XOXO